15 Knots team Snowkiting in an Alaskan Glacier

Posted on March 29, 2014 by 15knots

The 2nd annual Snowkite Jam kicked off March 21st, 2014. Hosted by legendary snow kiters Jon McCabe and Ken Lucas.

A daily meeting was held on Friday and Saturday at 10:00am at Alyeska Resort to talk about wind, snow conditions, avalanche possibilities and more. The crew was not blessed with great wind conditions at Turnagain Pass nor Portage lake. The forecast was calling for 0-10 knots but never really happened during the first couple of days.

Lucky for the crew, the Alyeska Resort offers a great mountain to ski and snowboard to warm up before snow kiting conditions lined up. The crew from 15 Knots in Puerto Rico, Juan Carlos Morales, Felix Cuadrado and Jorge Morales took advantage of the mountain for the first 2 days.

On Sunday, March 22, receiving notification of good winds from Jon McCabe and Jim Chaplin from ChaplinAK Air, we decided to hop on Jim’s plane and fly to a Glacier in the middle of nowhere. Jim Chaplin is a local private charter pilot-snow kiter who knows all the remote snow kiting spots and takes only clients like the Discovery Channel film crew to places like this. We were lucky enough to hook up with him on this adventure.

Below: left to right: Juan Carlos Morales, Felix Cuadrado, Jorge Morales and Jim Chaplin

Our flight took about 1 hour and 5 minutes into a new glacier just past a Volcano, where Shannon Best and Jim Chaplin snow kited 3 years ago as it was going off.

This year, we chose a new spot where no one had ever set foot before.

Below: Juan Carlos Morales testing the glide on new 2014 Cabrinha Velocity 11m.

Jim was so awesome, he named the spot after me… At least on his GPS waypoint.

The Snowkite Jam continued in Thompson Pass where riders enjoyed conditions of 15-30 knots for the first few days with beautiful sunny skies.

We are looking forward to next year already…

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Gear list: (7 kites) – Wind range covered 0-40 knots :)
2014 Cabrinha Drifter 8m
2014 Cabrinha Switchblade 9m & 12m
2012 Cabrinha Drifter 11m
2014 Cabrinha Velocity 11m
2014 Cabrinha Contra 15m & 17m

2014 NP Bomb and NP Flash Waist harness
Climbing harness