Basic Kiteboarding Course (up to 6hrs)

Become a Self Sufficient Kiteboarder!

On a nice kite friendly beach setting, nice side shore constant winds, warm tropical temperatures, sunny skies and clear beaches, you will get to experience kiteboarding for the first time. The goal is to provide you the knowledge and skills so you can become a responsible self sufficient kiteboarder.

Is this course for you?

You’re new to kiteboarding and have seen others do it, you have friends that practice Kiteboarding, or you are crossing over from another water sport like Windsurfing, Wakeboarding or Surfing. You want to learn in a safe environment with professionals that can teach you patiently and in a logistical way. You aren’t familiar with Kiteboarding safety. If so, then this is the course for you!

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    The Basic course is divided into 2 days. The course covers a combination of techniques and theory covered in the following lessons:
    Basic safety, wind theory and assessments lesson covers:
    - Reading wind and weather forecasts
    - Learning how to choose the right equipment for the expected wind conditions of the day
    - Bar safety (3 steps to releasing the kite), how and when to use it
    - Evaluating spots for Kiteboarding
    - Basic self rescue on land holding kite as sail
    Ground Control 1 lesson covers:
    - Launching & landing the kite on the ground
    Ground Control 2 lesson covers:
    - Kite control with one hand
    - Walking upwind with the kite in the air
    - Understanding the theory of a kite stall and practice recovering kite from a 2 partial stalls
    - Creating tension on a kite on (threshold) light winds
    Body Drag 1 in the water (Power Strokes) lesson covers:
    - Power strokes moving the kite from 12′ to 2′ and 12′ to 10′ with the instructor from the shore into deep water and back to the shore
    - Basic water relaunching on 3 classic situations (when kite drops on side of the wind window, when kite drops straight downwind leading edge on water, when kite stalls and lays trailing edge on the water)
    Body Drag 2 lesson covers:
    - Body drag student on his own
    - Body drag upwind with instructor
    Board Prep lesson covers:
    - Basic waterstart theory on land
    - Practicing power strokes on the sand to stand up from a sitting position
    Water Start 1 lesson covers:
    - Practicing basic technique to stand up on the board on the water with the instructor

    $575.00 US and includes the following:

  • Personalized instruction from highly trained and experienced 15 Knots Kiteboarding Instructors
  • 1 instructor/assistant: 1 student ratio
  • Theory an Practice Sessions
  • On the Water Instruction
  • Use of all Kiteboarding equipment
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