Tandem Kitesurf (Kids only)

Kitesurf Tandem is a service pioneered by 15 Knots back in 2011. The story of how it was born is below.

Kitesurf tandem is an alternative to taking kiteboarding lessons in order to get the technical skills to be able to get up on a kiteboard self sufficiently. The Kitesurf tandem allows the student/participant to stand on the board and control the kite instantly without any lesson. It is an incredible thrilling experience. Just watch our reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. It’s a must do in Puerto Rico. Now, there are only a few instructors offering Kitesurf tandem so if you want to try this experience a reservation is required with at least 24 hours notice.

The Story of How Kitesurf Tandem Came About

It was inspired by Anthony. A 12 year old kid born blind. He really wanted to take Kitesurfing lessons and be able to kitesurf in Puerto Rico during his family vacation. His mom contacted Juan Carlos Morales to take on the challenge of this special request. Instead of piggy back riding as most other Kitesurf rides take people for rides, Juan Carlos was looking to do something different. He wanted to give Anthony the controls. By placing him in the front, Anthony was able to stand on the board and control the kite as Juan Carlos Morales was providing instructions. It was such a cool experience, he thought, what if a Kite surf tandem ride could be offered to others. Now, 15 Knots has offered over 100 tandem rides from ages 5 and up. Follow this link to see the video of the Kitesurf Tandem with Anthony. It will blow your mind.