Our Advantage

Why choose us?

1. We treat you like family - Once a student, always a friend. From the your first call until years after, we treat you and support you as a friend and as a member of our Puerto Rico Kiteboarding family.

2. World class courses – Our kiteboarding courses have been proven with over 5,000 students and refined over a period of 10 years. We follow similar standards to international kiteboarding organizations and have developed our own teaching techniques to simplify and customize the experience of learning the sport.

3. We use the best technology for the best results – We use the latest Cabrinha equipment for all our lessons. Cabrinha is a leading kiteboarding manufacturer, renowned for its safety systems and performance.

4. Experience - the school is led by one of the first Kiteboarding instructors in Puerto Rico, Juan Carlos Morales with more than 10 years of teaching experience: (http://www.15knots.com/about-us/) We are also blessed with great reviews and unique location to the airport which has made us the go to school to learn kiteboarding allowing our instructors to get the most experience in the island. Our school is the only school endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

5. Safety – Our school is the first (and currently only) school in Puerto Rico that was able to obtain insurance due to the demonstration of our detailed safety procedures. Our teaching equipment is never more than 3-4 months old. All of our instructors are licensed lifeguards and certified for first aid and CPR.

6. Affordability - You First lesson is FREE! (And the rest are very reasonable.) No Marketing Gimmicks or Tiered Price Schemes. We offer one fair price for everyone.

7. Location, location, location – our school is the closest school to the San Juan International Airport (5 minute drive). Located next to the largest casinos and Hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and El San Juan Hotel. We offer beachside accommodation at our school site. No other school offers more lodging, nightlife, and fine dining within walking distance.

8. We take pride in teaching EVERY student - this summer, we received recognition for successfully giving a kiteboarding lessons to a blind student. (http://www.cabrinhakites.com/good-deeds-live-forever.html).

9. We offer more than lessons: videos, radio coaching, trips.

10: Caring and Compassionate Instructors - Our instructors teach each student with patience and compassion. They always offer positive reinforcement and teach every student at their own pace. Our instructors are all fluent in English and Spanish.

11: We offer Kitesurf Tandems for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of Kitesurfing instantly. More information here: http://www.15knots.com/kitesurftandem/

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