15 Knots Kiteboarding BVI

Kite Trip to BVI’s

Kiteboarding with Family, Celebrities and Pros at the BVI’s

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15 Knots goes Snowkiting in Alaska

The 15 Knots crew goes to Alaska to explore the most remote snowkiting spots.

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SB quick release

Top features of Cabrinha Switchblade kite

Learn why Cabrinha kites stand out from others. You can self launch and self land the kite.

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Anthony & Juan Carlos Morales Kiteboarding best 4

Anthony’s Kiteboarding Experience

On August 31, 2011, Juan Carlos Morales, professional Kiteboarding instructor, was challenged to teach Anthony, an amazing 12 year old teenager, to experience Kiteboarding-Kitesurfing. Anthony was born blind.

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Kiteboarding Palominitos

Kiteboarding Pro Tour in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Pro Kiteboarding Tour featuring 15 Knots riders Juan Carlos Morales, Jon McCabe & John Rodriguez. Also pro riders Shannon Best, Jeremie Tronet, Melissa Gil, Kris Kinn and Linn Svendsen.

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Kitesurf Tandem 2 people = Same time

Ride with an instructor. Do you dare to feel the ride?

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Kiteboarding Lesson

Girls Kiteboarding

This 105lbs girl shows that Kiteboarding is for anyone with the desire to learn. You don’t need to be big or super strong to try it.

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Vieques Kiteboarding Lessons

Juan Carlos Morales goes to teach a Kiteboarding Lesson at a beautiful spot in the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

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1 day Beginners Course

Here is a look at the 1 day beginners course with a qualified student which had previous experience in kite flying, wakeboarding and snowboarding.

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