Refresher / Custom Kiteboarding Lessons

Just ask us the what and when and we will provide the how!

Are custom Kiteboarding lessons for you?

- You are looking to learn away from the crowds
- You want the same instructor for consecutive days
- You want an instructor to teach you outside of our locations
- You want to start jumping and doing your first freestyle moves

You want to learn in a safe environment with a professional that can teach you patiently and in a logistical way. If so, then this is the course for you!

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A custom Kiteboarding lesson will be offered to your specifications. You choose the date, amount of time, amount of students, water conditions (flat or choppy), spot conditions (beach or uncrowded spot) and the skills and techniques you want to improve on. We take care of the logistics to make it happen.

You decide the location of the lesson. Will it be flat water or choppy conditions. Maybe you want to learn near your beach house, or private island. We have traveled around the Caribbean and taught under almost every conditions. In Puerto Rico, there are a few spots we highly recommend that are proven to be ideal spots for learning. You can choose between these or suggest your own.
Palominitos Island, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Vieques Island
Culebra Island
Isla Verde

Package rates start at $295.00 for private instruction where you get an instructor that will provide all his attention and expertise to you. Instructors can be hired up to full day of instruction and coaching. The school can provide the equipment or you can choose to use your own. Any other requests will be coordinated.

Click on the video to see a custom Kiteboarding lesson in the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. We flew from San Juan to vieques with all the gear, picked up to the students and took them Kiteboarding in this pristine flat water spot.