Kiteboarding Equipment Rentals in Puerto Rico

* If you have never experienced Kitesurfing, please visit the lessons section. Try our discovery course if you are just looking to try kiteboarding for a day. It will be the most fun 3hrs in a while.

Rentals are exclusive for:
- Experienced riders that have been kiteboarding for a while
- Beginners who have completed a minimum of 6hrs of kiteboarding lessons with 15 Knots Kiteboarding School in Puerto Rico
- Beginners who have completed a minimum of 6hrs of kiteboarding lessons with another kiteboarding school. These riders will undergo evaluation by 15 Knots staff to ensure skills are up to the minimum standards to rent.

Evaluation takes 10-15 minutes and you will be required to:
- Answer a few technical questions
- Set up the equipment

The first kite launch from the beach will be conducted by a 15 Knots staff member. You will be required to demonstrate basic kite control on land and understanding of safety systems and procedures. You are also responsible for following the regulations to ride on the Kiteboarding beach of Cafe La Plage, Puerto Rico. All riders are supposed to body drag past the buoys with their board. Once outside the buoys, you are free to ride on top of the board as long as you stay outside the buoy zone which is strictly for swimmers. When coming back to the shore, you are supposed to get off the board before the buoys and body drag from the buoys to the shore with your kite at 11 with constant speed and full kite control. As soon as you arrive to land, your kite needs to land and your lines wrapped. Failure to comply with these basic safety regulations will result in forfeit of Kiteboarding rental availability.

Although we include the rental of all Kiteboarding equipment during your course, you may rent it after completing the course. We are the only school in the Island that rents Kiteboarding gear… and what gear? 2014 Cabrinha, NP, Litewave and Dakine products.

If you are an intermediate or advance Kiteboarder, and are traveling to Puerto Rico for a few days and want to avoid airline hassles, we provide rentals for you as well.

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Rental Rates

Equipment Available for Rental & Demo


2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 14m, 12m, 11m, 9m

2015 Cabrinha Velocity 10m

2015 Cabrinha Drifter 9m

2015 Cabrinha Contra 17m


2015 Kitesurf boards:

5’6″ Cabrinha Secret Weapon

5’8″ Cabrinha Phenom

5’10″ Cabrinha Proto

5’11″ Cabrinha Phenom

2014 Kitesurf boards:

5’11″ Cabrinha Trigger

2015 Twin tips

Cabrinha Tronic 137, 141 & 145

2014 Twin tips

Cabrinha Tronic 137 & 141

Cabrinha Custom 140

Cabrinha Stylus 165

2013 Twin tips

Cabrinha Spectrum 133, 140 & 144

139 Litewave Carbonkick

161 Litewave wing


2014 Cabrinha Custom 140cm

2014 Cabrinha Tronic 141cm

2013 Cabrinha Spectrum 133cm, 140cm & 144cm

2013 Litewave Wing 146cm & 161cm

5’11 Kite Surfboard Rusty

Roush Skimboard


Dakine Fusion seat harness & Dakine Renegade & Np flash waist from small to x-large.