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Isel Tiziano
Juan Carlos and his team are great! Friendly, professional and most importantly EXTREMELY knowledgeable in the sport of kite surfing! I called Juan Carlos to inquire about classes and he patiently addressed all of my concerns and fears. He also explained the classes and packages, which are all reasonable and competitively priced. They also offer FREE clinics on Saturdays and Sundays at 11 am. FREE? That’s rare! I also had the chance to observe JC interact with others and was impressed at his ability to help everyone he came across with patience and courtesy. I had met other instructors that discouraged me from learning the sport (as stupid as it sounds I felt because I was a woman), but Juan Carlos made sure I knew that was irrelevant! I am glad a friend recommended him and his team!

Christophe Martin

Can’t believe I am kitesurfing again! it’s been 10 years without touching a kite; I had a lot of fun last sunday on the water!! Thanks to 15 knots kiteboarding school www.15knots.com and instructor Juan Carlos Morales for providing updated tips and equipment. The school location in Cafe La plage is just amazing. The set up including bar, cafe/restaurant, live DJ’s, confortable beach to launch kites easily, convenient & free air compressor…definitely looking forward to keep kitesurfing there!

Luis “Juno” Montañez
“Juan Carlos has been my coach in different stages of my kiting progression. Even though he’s young, he has pleanty and diverse experience that arise in the different scopes of his teachings. More importantly, he’s always safety oriented”

Monique Roeder – “15 Knots Kiteboarding made my vacation”

I found 15 Knots by chance when I was in Puerto Rico on vacation. It was so close to my hotel so it was an easy walk down the beach to get there. I only had 2 days free and wanted a lesson- Juan Carlos was extremely accommodating, and fit me into his busy schedule.

On the day of my lesson, it was windy, and being only 105 lbs, I was apprehensive to go out in deep water and rough waves. Juan Carlos and Victor drove me and my boyfriend out to a shallow water site that was perfect for kiting in a safe, comfortable environment.
My boyfriend had kited before and he was able to rent kiting equipment from 15 knots, so he had a blast too, while I had my one-on-one lesson.

It was a perfect location for beginners, and the instruction was fantastic. I had so much fun the first day, I snuck in another lesson the next morning, before my flight back. Juan Carlos and Victor were awesome, the experience was amazing, and I am already planning my next trip down to PR to go kiting with them again!

15 knots proved that a girl of any size and strength can still learn to kite in breeze. I’d recommend 15 knots to anyone looking to learn quickly in a super friendly, safe, fun environment.

Jon Beery

“15 Knots provided an incredible experience in every regard!  My girlfriend and I arrived to Puerto Rico with the goal of going Kiteboarding, no experience and no clue where to find lessons.  We were at an isolated resort outside of San Juan and were lucky to have a local say he “knew a guy” who could help us.  It could not have worked out any better.

Having coached sailing for years, I can confidently say Juan Carlos is an incredible instructor.  He broke down complex kite flying concepts into basic terminology, simple demonstrations and easy to understand drawings on the beach.  He utilized a step by step approach to get us comfortable flying the kite, establish confidence and work up to board riding.  Most of all, Juan Carlos shared his passion and deep knowledge of the sport to keep us safe, excited and eager to come back.

Whether you have never been on the water or kiteboarding for years, 15 Knots Kiteboarding School can help you achieve your goals and rip around on a kiteboard.  He helped calm my admiteddly nervous girlfriend to get her started and had me up in three hours. The moment your skimming along across wavetops, you’ll be hooked!”

Michael Piluso – “15 KNOT KITEBOARDING ROCKS!!!”

I was staying the ESJ (El San Juan Hotel) I saw the kites flying from my hotel. I walked the beach until I found sign announcing kiteboarding instruction and I inquired if it was available. I was directed to speak to Juan Carlos.
I found Juan Carlos to be very nice friendly and personable. He told me the lesson was 150.00 dollars for 2 hours, I said that sounds great and we got started.
I found Juan Carlos to be very concerned for my safety. He asked ALL the right questions about my previous kiteboarding experience AND I found him to be very thorough, going over everything. -How to launch -How to land, equipment, water and wind conditions. I VERY MUCH enjoyed my kiteboarding lesson with JC and look forward to doing it again!. It was the first time I had ever ridden in the ocean AND JC taught me a lot of very important things about kiteboarding in the ocean, how to get out and in, etc. JC! Thanks for the great kiteboarding lesson in Puerto Rico! 15 KNOT KITEBOARDING ROCKS!!!

David Meyer

Thanks for the great set up.  Had a very good time.  Victor was great, and patient with me getting started.  First with a 9.5 meter kite.  Not enough wind for that, so the 12 meter, Cab. kite became available, and he let me use that.You have a great set up there on the beach.  And great gear. My wife and I will be back in San Juan for April 4 and 5.

Thanks again, and look forward to next time.

Alison Ogonowski

Thank you for the lessons over the last couple of days.  The instructors were great and I 100% accomplished what I wanted to achieve. Also, the Cabrinha equipment was in great condition and that the beach/ wind direction was an ideal location.

I hope to see you this spring.


Victor was very professional and nice. He even helped me get back to my hotel in the rain. The lesson would have been more productive if the wind was consistent. Of course no one can control the wind. Victor did a good job assessing my skills and getting me out in the water.

Jose Espinal

Luis es un excelente instructor. Fue paciente y supo explicarme todo de buena manera y efectivamente.

Jobeth Maxwell

Haniel was very patient with me and made it very enjoyable.